About Me

My Instagram bio sums it up nicely by saying “country girl by birth, city girl by choice, photographer by obsession.” I’m a supplanted native of Indiana who is a through and through New Yorker after living here for over 25 years. Mostly self taught in photography, my interest began in college;  my very first portrait, taken in college of a hall mate,  won $150 in a photo contest and that was that. Now I focus almost entirely on documentary style photography because the best moments in life are always unscripted, and so are the photos that capture those moments!

As A Documentary-style Wedding Photographer..

I seek to "disappear" in the crowd in order to catch those sometimes understated details that play an important part in telling the complete story of your wedding day. My goal is to document the day as it unfolds, as organically as I can. This allows you and your guests to tell the real story through spontaneous, unscripted interactions. The best photos are made when everyone present is engaged in the moment and I am able to capture the celebration of this special day. One of the greatest compliments a documentary wedding photographer can receive is, “We didn’t even notice you were there.” I love hearing that!

If you’d like to enquire about my availability or you have a question about documentary-style wedding photography, I’d love to hear from you! And, should you be interested in any studio portraits - headshots, professional profile pics, etc - or a live performance photographer, please check out my other website at

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